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Not from the finance background? Studying after a long time? Don’t remember concepts from college? Worry not! Level ZeroTM is the perfect way to get you started! 

I strongly recommend you go through Level Zero before starting your main course.

This course will teach you / help you revise all the basics in finance that you need to know before starting any Finance Certification- right from how to use the financial calculator to equity & derivatives concepts!


Level ZeroTM is like running a 100 meter race before you run the actual marathon!


Your key takeaways from this course are -

  • Basics of accounting to get you started
  • Introduction to key financial statements
  • Understanding ratios to analyze financial statements
  • Learning in brief about equity markets and the major terms used in this domain
  • Understanding the components of derivative markets such as forwards, futures, options and swaps
  • Learning to use your financial Calculator
  • Knowing the most important fundamental in finance – Time Value of Money
  • Understanding the basics of bond valuation
  • Revising basics of statistics


Don’t worry even if you don’t know many things right now, I am sure this course will build a strong platform for you to begin your actual preparation!

I hope you are excited to begin this course! Isn’t it?

Let’s begin!


Happy Learning! :)

- Utkarsh Jain, CFA 

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Total No. of Hrs: 25hrs